SOLR Search EngineDrupal Content Management System

We work behind the scenes of the World Wide Web on those challenges coding tasks that empower content editors and end users alike. Our services involve:

  • Third party Web service integration, these include among many others Twitter, Tumblr, Intagram, Facebook, payment gateways, Google Maps, Postcode lookup
  • Data migration from other CMSs to Drupal. We migrated both the Serpentine Gallery Site and Greater London Authority site to Drupal 7.
  • Integration with backend IT systems, either via bespoke import tools or via automated feeds, as implemented for the London International Students site.
  • Natural language site-wide search via SOLR as implemented on all the above sites and for the BBC Snippets subtitle search tool.
  • Server configuration and maintenance, with automated backups and data recovery.

This next generation site is currently under contruction. I've been very busy as a contract Web developer specialising Drupal, Javascript, PHP, databases and Web services. I will soon share more about my achievements.